“I LOVED the whole experience, and the pictures were great! I had a wonderful time, and will promote the studio to my friends.” –Krystyna

“Everyone was so pleasant, and they made me feel really comfortable! I enjoyed learning from all the experts.”–Mecca

“Awesome job! You all made me feel so comfortable and beautiful. I felt like the moments I was most comfortable produced the best shots.”–Josephine

“I really LOVED the fact that Image Powerhouse tries to get to know you, and make sure they are getting the look that you want. A whole set was prepared to meet my needs, and that showed a lot of great team work.” –Adelle

“I had such a wonderful experience during my photo shoot at Image Powerhouse! Everyone was extremely professional, talented and so much fun to work with! The result was outstanding, and the photos they took of me amazing!! I also loved the fact that they provided full styling and makeover services, from hair to makeup and even suggested nice poses for me to strike! I highly recommend them, you will be amazed at the results!!”-Sophie

“You all were amazing!!! You made us feel comfortable and welcome and were attentive to our needs and desires for the shoot. I loved the enthusiasm and passion you all seem to have for the job you do! Thank you for making us feel special and fabulous!”  – Catterina

“We had such a great experience working with the staff at Image Powerhouse. My boyfriend  and I didn`t know what to expect being that a boudoir photo shoot was a totally new and different experience for us. We were nervous and excited and couldn`t  wait to see what the day had in store for us. The minute we walked in and met with the staff we were put at ease. They were super warm,friendly and attentive to our needs. Their knowledge and passion for photography was evident and they made sure that we were just as excited and involved in the creative process of  the shoot. The studio is gorgeous ,private and intimate. Nina, the hair and makeup artist,made sure to ask me exactly what I wanted and did such a wonderful job glamming  me up for the shoot. Patricia,Daniela and our photographer were so helpful,professional and encouraging. The boudoir photo shoot at Image Powerhouse was so much more amazing then we ever expected. I highly recommend using Image Powerhouse for any photography needs. I know my boyfriend and I will certainly back!” – Christina and Patrick

“ It was a lot of  fun! I felt very pampered. And the pictures look wonderful!! ” – Laura

“ Had a fabulous experience with Image Powerhouse team !! Felt confident and sexy! Cant`t  wait for my fiance to see them. ” – Maggie Mc

“  Love hair! Love makeup! Love how JP made me feel so comfortable during the photo shoot! THANK YOU!”  – Marcela K

“ Very helpful, took care of me,attentive, offered so much encouragement. ” – Mon Cheri

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Kendall- your makeup/hair talents are amazing you somehow eased my self esteem issues and i felt so pretty, the rest of the day i couldn’t stop smiling. thank you so much for your kindness.
    JP- i can’t wait to see how the pictures came out thank you for your patience and easing my nervousness.
    LAURA- hard for me to put into words what you meant to me for being there the whole time encouraging me, praising me, coordinating my outfits, and for basically grounding me with your TRUE SINCERITY… I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Image powerhouse – was a wonderful experience that 3 days later my happiness has yet to wear off. – erica 3/2013

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